Belle Toffee is a sweet indulgence built on a family legacy. 

That legacy began with eagerly-awaited holiday treats from our Aunt Ida Belle. Over the years, the love for hand-crafted toffee transcended generations. Now it’s our privilege to share it with the world from our kitchen in Lee's Summit, Mo.

Belle Toffee can be purchased at gourmet grocers and in our online store. It’s shared at weddings and parties as well as corporate and holiday events. Our candy is the perfect gift for friends, employees and customers. We ship anywhere in the continental United States and offer special packaging for hot weather to keep it fresh no matter the season.

Belle Toffee has created three signature selections:

  • Almond toffee with milk chocolate
  • Almond toffee with dark chocolate
  • Hazelnut espresso toffee with dark chocolate

We’re always experimenting, so keep your palate ready for new flavors.

It’s delicious and our customers love it. Sometimes we have a hard time keeping it in stock.
— Marilyn James, A Thyme for Everything, Lee's Summit, Mo.

What others say about Belle Toffee

“They brought some samples in and we thought it was about the best toffee we’ve ever had. They provide us samples and people taste it, love it and buy it. The quality level is way up there. I personally love it. Dark chocolate hazelnut espresso is my favorite.”
Ron Shalinksi, The Better Cheddar, Kansas City, Mo.

“Belle Toffee is making me happy this week and every week. It’s made locally and it’s the best toffee I’ve ever eaten. I’ve given it to friends for their birthdays. Check it out.”
Tina Harryman, Lee’s Summit Go