How should I store my toffee?

Toffee is best preserved in a cool and dry environment at 68 F or below. 

If it gets warmer, it will still taste delicious. However, the appearance may change. Heat allows the fat molecules in chocolate to migrate to the surface and “bloom.” This can result in a slight, white film. It’s not mold and is completely safe to eat. It’s simply a cosmetic change.

Toffee produced in large commercial batches uses vegetable oil to prevent this separation. We don’t use vegetable oil because it’s not an authentic ingredient in real chocolate. 

For best results, simply keep the toffee in a refrigerator in a sealed container. 

If you plan to keep the toffee for more than a few weeks, you can also freeze it. It can be preserved in the freezer for up to a year. 

Do you sell wholesale or give bulk discounts?

Yes we do. Please contact us. We’d be happy to be of service?

Do you have a retail location?

We don’t have a retail location but are privileged to be featured at these fine retail shops. If you love Belle Toffee, we’d appreciate it if you share the word with quality stores. You can also purchase all of our toffee in our online store.